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Jason Crest - Waterloo Road

Written by: Mike Wilsh & Mike Deighan

French version is Champs-Élysées” by ZAZ.

Walking down the street today
I saw a girl across the way.
I asked her where she's goin'
And she said “Come with me”

She took me down this avenue
Where I met the folks she knew
And there we stopped and chatted
And we passed the time away

Down Waterloo Road
Down Waterloo Road
Friday night, Saturday
Any night, any day
You'll find what you're looking for
Down Waterloo Road

Lower down the cellar
Where we met this happy feller
Playing cake-walks on his guitar
All night long

His pickin' sounded scratchy
But his music was so catchy
That we all got up and joined him
And we sang this song


Now the birds are cheeping
And we all feel kind of sleepy.
The morning tide is rising
And the moon has gone

But still the feeling lingers
And still I hear the singers
As I walk along the avenue
And I sing this song

Chorus × 3